Super Worm Moon in Virgo

The Worm Moon is the first full moon in March. It's called the Worm Moon because the ground begins to thaw, and earthworms begin to appear during this time of year. This moon has many different names depending on where you live Lenten, Sap, and Crow moon, to name a few. A super moon occurs when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, offering us a brilliant display of moonlit beauty.

Our supermoon peaks on March 9, at 10:47, am PST, at 19 degrees 37 minutes of Virgo. We will start to feel some productive changes culminating. Full moons bring awareness. There can be endings, beginnings, things being finalized, or changing, for the long haul. We are being encouraged to balance the Pisces area and Virgo area of your life. There can be great rewards in this second half of March, with the trine aspects forming to the energetic lineup in Capricorn. These blessings will support our vision as long as we put in the effort. Stay ready!

Neptune is conjunct the Sun, in the sign of Pisces, standing across the sky from the moon. This energy can leave us foggy in perception but reflects great fantasy, imagination, and creativity. It can also reflect heightened addictions, so be aware to remain grounded. As Neptune begins to separates from the Sun, we gain clarity in the areas that may have felt unclear. Full moons are oppositions. The opposing energies need balance within these two areas of our charts. We have to dream and imagine while bringing in practical Virgo energy.

Mercury, the ruler of this full moon, reminds us to stay analytical(Virgo), and yet we must flow like waves in the ocean(Neptune) with the much-anticipated changes in bloom. Virgo energy may call you to organize your space, your documents, and your health routines. This can be a great time to bring consistency to your health practices. By examining the effects the mind has over the body, you can set yourself up for optimal health. Virgo rules the digestive system, which includes the intestines and the spleen. Use this energy to remove all toxins from your mind, body, and spirit. Give yourself a fresh start. Embrace your gut instincts: they are intuitively on point!

What is this full moon asking of you? I would love to show you! Book a full astrological reading today!

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